Parent Testimonials

for Camp Ruggles

“[My child] has thoroughly enjoyed the last six weeks at Camp Ruggles.  During her time at camp, she appears more relaxed at home and much less oppositional and defiant.  She thrives on the structure and routine you provide!… We have seen a tremendous difference in her overall safety, behavior regulation, and cooperation at home.  Her mood is more stable during this time as well!”  - Sarah, Providence, RI

“You guys have done a spectacular job! [My Child] has made huge strides this summer and has come a long way with his anxiety.”  - Jose, Central Falls, RI

“The staff at Camp Ruggles is terrific. I have a difficult child and your staff handled his issues with tremendous professionalism. Thank you for another wonderful summer.”  - Seana, Pawtucket, RI

“[My child] looks forward to going to camp everyday, without worry or fear.  He is always happy when he gets home.  Both of these things are not like him at all.”  - Alicia, Woonsocket, RI

“I am pleased to write that [my son] is happy to have gone to Camp Ruggles. He does seem to have more confidence in himself and what he does. [His] camp experience at a different camp last summer did not go as well. I thank you for all of your efforts in helping him this summer. We tried for 3 years to get him in… it was worth the wait.”  - Genine, Providence, RI

“[My child] has shown much improvement.  He has done great with our move and even helps out more at home.  He has really enjoyed going to Camp Ruggles.”  - Mark, Cumberland, RI

“All in all, [my child] is like a ‘new boy’ since camp! He enjoys himself there and we are extremely grateful for this opportunity to have him go.  [He] has shown a big change in communicating to us the way he feels- using words instead of actions.  [He] has been more helpful at home with household chores.  There has been A LOT less angry/frustrated moments for him.  It has been a total turnaround for [him].”  - Ann Marie, North Smithfield, RI 

“Camp Ruggles is a great place! You offer these kids that ‘no one wants to deal with’ a chance to have a great summer- fishing, swimming and being with friends. [My son’s] self-esteem gets a boost each summer and all year long when he talks about his summer camp. Thank you for this great opportunity.”  - Rob, Cranston, RI

“I want you to know that [my son] seems much happier when he is going to camp. He is full of color and glad to tell me of his day and of the friends that he has made. This is good for [my son] because there are no other children in the area that we live. I think that Camp Ruggles is the best thing in the world for him. Thank you for such a great place.”  - Holly, Glocester, RI

“[My son] really enjoys his time at Camp Ruggles. I feel secure in knowing that he is in the very capable and caring hands of the staff. I am very grateful for everyone there. Thank you so very much.”  - Rachel, Cranston, RI

“[My son] has made some nice progress over the summer. His social skills are much better and his interactions with others (peers and adults) have improved. He had one day that was extremely difficult and he was ready to quit camp, but with the help and understanding from the staff members he was able to stay at camp that day and regain his composure and return to his group and the normal activities of the day. This was great progress for him and my appreciation to the staff cannot be expressed enough. Camp Ruggles is the best!”  - William, Woonsocket, RI

“[My child] seems to do very well while in camp.  I wish his school could handle him like the staff at Camp Ruggles.”  - Maria, Pawtucket, RI

“[My son] had a rather difficult school year. Due to some of his need for a small, self-contained classroom, he attends a school that meets those needs but also exposes him to a lot of negative behaviors. Camp Ruggles has helped stabilize some of the negative behaviors he had picked up at the school and re-establish some of his self-esteem. He loves camp and benefits greatly from the structure, discipline and socialization skills he learns there. My appreciation goes out to each and every staff member- counselors, administrators, office and nursing staff. You all do such a great job with the children.”  - Hector, Providence, RI